Content Integration & Certification


We’ve integrated many popular music streaming services, including Hi-Res, and internet radio stations like Spotify, Tidal, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, TuneIn and more so your user can listen on your smart products.

Because of our solutions’ stellar track record in performance and quality, Linkplay is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive certification and pre-certification services as detailed below.



Streaming Content

We offer an array of streaming content as part of our turn-key solution. Select which content you’d like to see and we’ll work with you to integrate it and help you through the certification process.





Linkplay conducts certification testing for Alexa Voice Service, allowing us to complete Alexa Music Services, UI/UX, Functional, and Acoustic testing on devices submitted for Alexa Voice Service approval. Furthermore, we are authorized to run tests using Amazon’s automation tool for testing. Once our tests are completed, Amazon and relevant music service providers review our test results and provide a final approval for certification.

Alexa Music Services include:


Spotify AVS and Pandora AVS are currently still being tested by Amazon Alexa teams.

Spotify Authorized Certification Partner Program (ACP)

How it Works

Linkplay is one of the first to join the Spotify ACP (Authorized Certification Partner) Program. This program allows Linkplay to conduct all certification testing for Spotify Connect, which will significantly shorten the certification timeline. Spotify will only review the test results instead of conducting their own tests on the device. Occasionally, they will spot check devices by testing them fully themselves. This process enables brands to launch products faster with Spotify Connect enabled.

Certification Process:

  1. Two sample products will still need to be shipped to Linkplay offices

  2. Brand customer still required to fill out Spotify Connect info sheet and provide marketing materials as before

  3. Linkplay will do the full testing for the device in-house

  4. Spotify will verify Linkplay QA's testing results (Note: occasionally Spotify will spot check and do a fuller evaluation of a device)

  5. Spotify will issue the final Certification Pass notice to the end customer

  6. All brand customers are required to have all legal documentation in order before launching any products