Build Voice Enabled Hands Free Headphones

Our bluetooth solutions easily enable voice assistance and a wide variety of services. Enable smooth and effortless access to music, news, calling and messaging - all on the go. Make your next wearable product with Linkplay.



Be efficient on the road

Use Voice to set reminders, update your shopping list, make phone calls and more while keeping your eyes on the road.


Enjoy more time with friends and family

Access location-specific information for movies, sports, directions, weather and schedule time to meet with friends and family.


Ways to Build Your Product

Supported Integrations


Use our Bluetooth solution to connect your products wirelessly



App UI Interface Demo

Preview our Companion App UI for Bluetooth products. We offer a standard companion app that can be customized to your brand.



Next Step

Looking for modules, a companion app, cloud services, security, content integration for your project?


Check out our Turn-Key Solutions page.