Voice Modules


Module Name & Description


2-microphone far-field voice interaction module. Includes advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) functionality, making it possible for devices to be voice-activated.


High-performance, far field voice input processor module with 4-microphone input.


Far-field voice processor that also incorporates Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Noise Reduction (NR), and Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) features.


Two microphones provided through Synaptics’ voice input processing software includes noise suppression and full-duplex Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC).

Powerful dual core 32-bit hardware DSP with integrated power management.
Combined with Synaptics’ advanced far field AudioSmart software.

Based on Intel’s Sue Creek voice processing software.


Provides VoIP applications without distortion, echo-free voice signals and voice recognition engines for local/cloud applications
Delivers excellent 360-degree voice localization up to a maximum of 5 meters away from the device.

Synaptics’ proprietary far-field AudioSmart software enhances voice interactive experiences even in the most challenging room environments
The voice processing chain also supports multi-thread processing streams, which are independently optimized for voice communication and automatic speech recognition.

The solution seamlessly integrates Audio DSP, CODEC Hub and voice processing algorithms. It adds voice control, voice search, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) functions to a wide variety of products.

Use Cases

Voice control, voice search, and VoIP functionalities to a variety of smart home devices, like speakers TVs, automotive accessories, and smart appliances.