Product Reviews

Products developed with Linkplay have gone on to receive excellent consumer and
industry reviews. We’ve highlighted some of them below.



“The YAS-209 is everything I expect from a mid priced soundbar: ease of use, powerful output levels and an ability to replay both movies and music to a high standard. The fact that you can ask Alexa for a song -- and have it sound better than pretty much any smaller smart speaker -- puts it over the top. In the 12 months since its release I have yet to hear a soundbar that can equal the Yamaha for its mix of sound quality and features, and for this reason it deserves our Editors' Choice award”. - CNET



“I Can't Believe I Actually Like the Alexa Shower Speaker - ... if you’re willing to splurge just a little bit, or can split the cost with roommates/a significant other? The Kohler Moxie is actually a convenient way to get a nicer showerhead and a good quality shower speaker in one easily installed package.” - Gizmodo


Belkin Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Speaker + Wireless Charger

“There is a major need for convergence in the smart home. One function is expected, but I’m thrilled whenever I come across a gadget that can do many things. An example of such a device is the Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi smart speaker, which does everything you’d expect from a modern smart speaker, and as a bonus is available in both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa variants.” - Digital Trends


SGW Global & Motorola Smart Cordless Phone

“For the first time ever, there’s a cordless home phone with a built-in Alexa button. Tap to talk to make calls, control other smart devices, and check the weather, news updates, and more. Once you’ve plugged in your phone to the landline and downloaded the two peripheral apps, you can ask your phone to perform tasks, like “Alexa, call Mom.” Or “Alexa, what’s the weather like today? You can even make Alexa to Alexa calls, allowing you to call any Echo or another Alexa-enabled device. And since it’s a cordless phone, you can take Alexa with you in any room in the home.” - NewswatchTV


First Alert Safe & Sound Smart Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Alarm

“With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, a powerful speaker, and support for Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, First Alert's Onelink Safe & Sound is more than your typical smoke and carbon monoxide detector.” - PCMag


Cooper Lighting Halo Smart Recess Downlight

“What sets this product apart from the rest of the Halo line of integrated LED recessed downlights are the ability to select the exact color temperature you desire from 2700K to 5000K and change it at anytime, complete dimmer control, ability to schedule when you want lighting, countdown timer, create groups to operate multiple lights, define scenes for various light output and temperature. All this can be done using the Halo app on your phone. As if that wasn't enough, this unit also includes built-in Alexa.” - Customer Review on Home Depot



“Then there’s a feature that you probably never thought you’d see in a toilet: Voice control. The Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet has high-quality speakers built right into it, and those speakers come equipped with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. If you have a question while you’re sitting on the toilet, just ask Alexa. You can also run your home automation processes while in the bathroom. You can even have Alexa queue up your favorite playlist and watch the toilet’s lights sync up to the beat. Your bathroom can double as your own personal dance club if you so desire.” - Digital Trends



“Since it’s Alexa enabled, you’ll be able to command this smart speaker to do just about anything. There’s also the signature sound, which packs quite a punch in such a compact and stylish design. Your music deserves to be played from something attractive, and the Marshall Uxbridge Voice fits the bill.” - Digital Trends



“Ok so we are total tech geeks. We LOVE this fan. Our original fan only worked with the light on. The switches were wired like that so if light was on so was the fan. With this fan we have multiple options to keep the fan on with or without the light, have multiple light color options, can listen to music and can set a timer on the fan. The BEST part is it works with Alexa! We don’t have an outlet in our bathroom, but now we don’t need one. We can listen to music, change the volume and the lighting with voice commands. Everything in our house is hooked up to Alexa so this was a must for us. The fan is very quiet and looks and works great too. Highly recommend it!” - Customer Review, Home Depot