We work with a variety of international Voice Assistant Service Providers to help you reach the world of users.


Clova - Naver/Line

Clova is a voice assistant for Android and iOS operating systems developed by Naver Corporation. It is available in Korean and Japanese.


Tencent - Xiaowei

Xiaowei is a voice assistant developed by Tencent. It is available in Chinese.


Yandex - Alice

is a Russian intelligent personal assistant for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems developed by Yandex.


Baidu - Duer OS

Baidu Duer OS is a conversational AI system developed by Baidu's Duer Business Uni. Available in Chinese.


Alibaba - AliGenie

Alibaba AliGenie is a China-based open-platform intelligent personal assistant launched and developed by Alibaba Group. Available in Chinese.



Available in Korean.