Works with Alexa (no mic)


Functions Supported

3PDA allows end user to control legacy Wi-Fi speakers through any Alexa device

AVS multi-room music (MRM), similar to 3PDA but includes multi-room support



Supported Modules

Modules powered by Linkplay support globally recognized protocols. Modules you select will fit your product requirements.

  • All Wi-Fi Modules

  • Multi-Room Music Modules: A98x, A118

  • A118 (angled view)

  • A98 (top view)

  • A97 (top view)

  • A97 (angled view)

  • A118 (top view)

  • A118 (angled view)

  • A98 (top view)

  • A98 (angled view)

  • A98L (top view)

  • A98L (angled view)