Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

Linkplay quickly transforms any consumer product into a smart & IoT device. Enable your product to turn on the lights in the foyer, lower the temperature in your living room, dim the lights in the dining room, and more.

Below are some of the products we’ve brought into the market.



Make your home more convenient to live in

Use Voice to do the simple things like turn on or off the lights, lower or raise the temperature, and lock the doors to keep your house running smoothly.


Make your home a smart home

From lights and security cameras to thermostats, voice control can help make your home smarter by automating tasks and routines in your home.


Ways to Build Your Product

Supported Integrations

Build voice products using the Alexa Voice Service that enable users to talk and access music, weather, smart home control & more.

Connect your devices to Alexa and allow users to control devices with Alexa built-in. Users use their voice to control smart home devices.

Use Alexa Voice service to connect IoT products for everyday convenience for users.

Use Alexa Voice Service to build screen-based products that allow users to experience rich visual experiences.


APP UI Interface Demo

Preview our Companion App UI for Home Audio products. We offer a standard companion app that can be customized to your brand.



Next Step

Looking for modules, a companion app, cloud services, security, content integration for your project?


Check out our Turn-Key Solutions page.